Darien Morrow

Darien is an unconventional name. Keats used it in a poem. This link between Darien and poetry being established, Darien is pursuing a doctorate in physical chemistry, which has very much or very little to do with poetry—depending on who you ask. He enjoys lasers, forays into the mired land of Wikipedia, and over-thinking things (or so others say). The previous sentence, of course ought to go without saying. If Darien didn’t enjoy lasers and purportedly over-thinking things he would not be a member of the Wright Group, and if he didn’t daily trek to Wikipedia he would not have any obscure facts in his head.[citation needed]

Darien graduated from Missouri Western State University summa cum laude with a BS in Chemistry and some frivolous minors like mathematics and physics. Whilst at MWSU he did research with Michael Ducey and Jonathan Rhoad; he also spent a fair amount of time walking wooded paths. He spent a blissful summer at the University of Kansas doing research with Chris Elles concerning the kinetics and dynamics of thiophene photochemical switches. It was at KU that he found out he quite liked spectroscopy.

Darien is currently working on the femtosecond table doing research concerning the dynamics of semiconductors. You may contact him via email if you desire: dmorrow3@wisc.edu.