Wright Group Alumni

Ph.D. Graduates:

  1. Paul Hebert, 2016

  2. Erin Boyle, 2014. "New Mixed Vibrational-Electronic Methods in Fully Coherent Multidimensional Spectroscopy: Progress Toward Metal Active Site Characterization"

  3. Stephen B. Block, 2012.  "Picosecond and Femtosecond Coherent Multidimensional Spectroscopy of Colloidal PbSe Quantum Dot Structure and Dynamics"

  4. Lena A. Yurs, PhD 2011.  "Multiresonant Coherent Multidimensional Spectroscopy of Quantum Confined Nanomaterials"

  5. Nathan A. Mathew, PhD 2009. "Mixed Frequency/Time Domain Coherent Multidimensional Spectroscopy"

  6. Kate Kornau, PhD 2009. "Triply Vibrationally Enhanced Four-Wave Mixing Spectroscopy".

  7. Mark Rickard, PhD 2008. "Fundamental Studies of Triply Vibrationally Enhanced Four Wave Mixing Spectroscopy".

  8. Kent Meyer, PhD 2004. "Frequency-Scanned Ultrafast Spectroscopic Techniques Applied to Infrared Four-Wave Mixing Spectroscopy".

  9. Eugene Standifer, PhD Candidate.  “Ionic Compensation Mechanisms in Perovskites.”

  10. John D. Bak, PhD 2003.  “Fluorescence and Atomic Defect Properties of Rare Earth Doped Barium Titanate”

  11. Daniel Besemann, Ph.D. 2003.  "Inhomogeneous Broadening, Dephasing, and Interference Effects in Multidimensional Vibrational Spectroscopy."

  12. Nicholas J. Condon, PhD 2001.  "Doubly Vibrationally Enhanced Four Wave Mixing Spectroscopy of Acetonitrile and Crotononitrile."

  13. David Thompson, PhD 1998.  "Measuring and Modeling the Contribution of the Complex Refractive Index to Infrared Four Wave Mixing Lineshapes in Mixtures of Fully Deuterated Benzene and 1,8 Nonadiyne."

  14. Robert Lascola, PhD 1998.  "Nonlinear Optical Properties of Neutral and Anionic Fullerenes."

  15. Ding Xiaoya, PhD 1997.  "Laser Spectroscopic Studies of Fullerenes, Fullerene Derivatives, and Erbium Endohedral Metallofullerenes."

  16. Mitchell LaBuda, PhD 1996.  "Direct Measurement of a Vibrational Hyperpolarizability."

  17. Lawrence R. Olsen, PhD 1995.  “The Defect Chemistry and Diffusion of Fluoride Interstitials in Eu3+ Doped CaF2 Studied with Site Selective Spectroscopy and High Pressure Techniques.”

  18. Douglas M. Gill, PhD 1994.  "Incorporation and Characterization of Erbium in Lithium Niobate."

  19. Sharon R. Hawi, PhD 1994.  “Nonlinear Spectroscopy of Conjugated Polyenes: Diphenyl-Octatetraene”

  20. Laurel J. Knott, PhD 1994.  “Electronic Defect Compensation in Perovskites.”

  21. James P. Hamilton, PhD 1994.  “Vibrationally Enhanced Infrared Four Wave Mixing Spectroscopy.”

  22. Andrew O. Wright, PhD 1994.  “Solid State Defect Dynamics Measured with Site Selective Spectroscopy Employing a Diamond Anvil Cell."

  23. Joseph E. Ivanecky, PhD 1993.  “Higher Order Effects in Nonlinear Raman Scattering.”

  24. Peter C. Chen, PhD 1992.  "Infrared Four Wave Mixing: A New Spectroscopic Technique Used to Probe the Interaction Between Vibrational Levels in Chlorobenzene.”

  25. Bradford B. Price, PhD, 1990.  “Fluorescence Line Narrowing and Nonlinear Spectroscopy of Octaethylporphine.”

  26. Gregory B. Hurst, PhD, 1990.  “Line Narrowed, Fully Resonant Nonlinear Spectroscopy of Perylene in PMMA.”

  27. Kathleen M. Cirillo-Penn, PhD, 1989.  ”Site Selective Methods for Kinetic Measurements of Defect Reequilibration in Insulators.”

  28. Roger J. Carlson, PhD, 1988.  ”Two-Photon Nonlinear Spectroscopy.”

  29. Brian M. Tissue, PhD, 1988.  “Energy Transfer Within Isolated Rare Earth Clusters,”

  30. Bruce K. Winker, PhD, 1987.  “High Resolution Nonlinear Spectroscopy of Gas Phase Atoms, Ions, and Molecules.”

  31. Michael T. Riebe, PhD, 1987.  “Line Narrowing in the Nonlinear Spectroscopy of Pentacene in Benzoic Acid.”

  32. Royal J. Haskell, PhD, 1986.  “Determination of 4– and 5–D Transition Metals Via Laser Excitation of Precipitates.”

  33. Albert J. Ramponi, PhD, 1986.  “Studies of the Aggregation of Divalent Cations Doped in Alkali Halides Using Site-Selective Laser Spectroscopy.”

  34. John R. Wietfeldt, PhD, 1985.  “Laser Spectroscopy of Defect Chemistry in Rare Earth Doped SrCl2 and Mechanism of Energy Transfer Between Ions in SrF2:Er3+.”

  35. Jack K. Steehler, PhD, 1984.  “Multiresonant Nonlinear Laser Spectroscopy of Pentacene in p-Terphenyl.”

  36. Dinh C. Nguyen, PhD, 1984.  “Four Wave Mixing Spectroscopy of Organic Systems.”

  37. Mark A. Valentini, PhD, 1984.  “High Resolution Laser Spectroscopy of Lanthanide Ions in Biochemical Systems.”

  38. Sun-Il Mho, PhD, 1983.  “Laser Spectroscopy of Defect Chemistry in Conducting Materials.”

  39. Steven H. Lee, PhD, 1981.  “New Methods for Laser Analysis of Organic Compounds.”

  40. Laura C. Porter, PhD, 1981.  “Analytical Applications of Selectively Excited Lanthanide Ion Luminescence in Various Inorganic Powders.”

  41. Murray V. Johnston, PhD, 1980.  “Fluorescent Probes in the Solid State and Their Application in Rare Earth Doped Fluorite Structure Crystals.”

  42. David S. Moore, PhD, 1980.  “Laser Spectroscopic and EPR Studies of Defect Equilibria in Rare Earth Doped Fluorite Structure Crystals.”

  43. Mark B. Seelbinder, PhD, 1980.  “Laser Spectroscopy of Defect Clusters in Doped Calcium Fluoride.”

  44. Frederick J. Gustafson, PhD, 1978.  “Determination of the Lanthanides at Trace Concentration Levels by Selective Excitation of Probe Ion Luminescence.”

  45. Marvin P Miller, PhD, 1978.  “Nonradiative Relaxation Processes in Trivalent Erbium Doped Alkaline Earth Fluorides.”

  46. David R. Tallant, PhD, 1976.  “Optical Study of Erbium-Doped Calcium Fluoride by Selective Laser Excitation.


Masters Students:          [back to the top]


  1. Ross Lovely, 2010, "EPR of OEC in PSII".

  2. Angela Peters, 2003, “Electronically Resonant 2D DOVE Spectroscopy”.

  3. Amy Hofstra, 2001, "Biological Applications of 2D DOVE Spectroscopy".

  4. Kate Noon, 1986, “An Investigation of the Defect Site Distribution in MgO:Cr3+ Using Site Selective Spectroscopy.”

Postdoctoral Group Members:           [back to the top]


  1. Andrei Pakoulev, 2003-2014.  “Coherent Multidimensional Spectroscopy”

  2. Igor Stiopkin, 2009-2011. "Femtosecond Multidimensional Spectroscopy"

  3. Danling Wang, 2003-2005.  “Electronically Resonant Doubly Vibrationally Enhanced Four Wave Mixing.”

  4. Alastair Wark, 2001-2002 .  "Surface Selective Nonlinear Spectroscopy."

  5. Keith Murdoch, 1997-2000.  "Determination of the Structure of Water Using Multiresonant Four-Wave Mixing."

  6. Wei Zhao, 1997-1999.  "New Nonlinear Optical Materials".

  7. Lei Geng, Duke University, 1994-1995.  "Optical Properties of Endohedral Fullerenes."

  8. Arne Zilian, University of Bern, Swiss NSF Fellow, 1991-1993.  "Infrared Four Wave Mixing."

  9. Andries Meijerink, University of Utrecht, 1990-1991.  "Defect Dynamics in PbF2.”

  10. Nigel J. Cockroft, University of Canterbury, 1987-1989.  “Solid State Chemistry of Perovskites.”

  11. Dale Lutz, Stanford University, 1981-1983.  “Site Distributions in Molecular Crystals.”

  12. James Akse, UCLA, 1977-1979.  “Selective Excitation of Probe Ion Luminescence.”