Jason Scheeler

Originally from a northern suburb of Minneapolis, MN, Jason left for UW-Madison and joined the group in the Fall of 2018. He works on the materials side of the group with a focus on the transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs). Jason's experimental work thus far in the group has mainly focused on using third harmonic generation as a probe of the temporal and spectral response of TMDs, and has looked at how the response varies across several TMD morphologies (screw-dislocation spirals, monolayers, thin films, lateral heterostructures). Jason is also interested in the nature of the charge transfer process in vertical TMD heterostructures and plans to utililize fully-coherent frequency-domain methods to interrogate this process. Lastly, Jason has been developing a widefield microscopy setup to look at the spatial response of the spectroscopic methods used to study TMDs.

When not doing science, Jason enjoys playing sports in the Madison area such as soccer and frisbee, reading, and hiking/backpacking. Jason is also an avid homebrewer of beer.