The Wright Group on May 11, 2018. From left to right: Darien Morrow, Kyle Sunden, Jonathan Handali, John Wright, Emily Kaufman, David Lafayette, Natalia Spitha, Blaise Thompson, Kyle Czech, Dan Kohler. Not pictured: Nathan Neff-Mallon, Schuyler Kain

Wright Group picture taken at Kyle Czech's wedding, August 2017.


Some of the Wright group (and friends) went to Ha Long Bay for dinner. July 2016.

These are some recent photos of past and present Wright group members (as well as some colleagues and family) at the SciX conference in Milwaukee in October, 2013, where there was a special session honoring John's 70th birthday.


John was inducted into the Society for Applied Spectroscopy.


The Wright group at the WID, November 2013. From left to right: Kyle Czech, Jonathan Handali, Paul Hebert, Eric Hagee, Matt Rowley, John Wright, Nathan Neff-Mallon, Erin Boyle, Blaise Thompson, and Schuyler Kain. Not pictured: Dan Kohler and Andrei Pakoulev.