Group Members

ABOVE:  The Wright Group on September 11, 2019. Top left to right: Natalia Spitha, David Lafayette, Emily Kaufman, Kelson Oram. Bottom left to right: Alicia Tripp, Jason Scheeler, Kyle Sunden, Chris Roy, John Wright, Darien Morrow (PhD 2020), Dan Kohler. Not pictured: Kent Meyer.

Name Position Primary Study Member Since
John C. Wright PI   Inception
Dan Kohler Staff Scientist Confined Semiconductor Excitons 2009
Kent Meyer Staff Scientist   2020*
Kyle Czech Graduate Student Excited States of Layered Semiconductors 2012
Kyle Sunden Graduate Student   2016
Natalia Spitha Graduate Student Time-resolved photoluminescence of layered semiconductors 2016
Emily Kaufman Graduate Student   2017
David Lafayette Graduate Student   2017
Kelson Oram Graduate Student   2018
Jason Scheeler Graduate Student   2018
Chris Roy Graduate Student   2018
Alicia Tripp Graduate Student   2018

Group Alumni

*Kent also completed his PhD with the Wright Group in 2004!