James Harris


James Harris was raised around the Harris County and Columbus area of Georgia. He attended the University of West Georgia and graduated with a  BS in Chemistry. While at UWG, he worked with Dr. Spencer Slattery on investigating the electronic and steric effects of a single substituent on the redox and spin state behavior of iron (II) bis-terpyridine complexes.

With a love for coordination chemistry, synthesis, and spectroscopy, James moved to the considerable colder Madison, Wi and found his home with the Berry Lab near the end of 2021. Despite his home in a synthetic inorganic lab, James can often be found with the rest of the laser jockeys in the Wright lab investigating the electronic and vibrational structure of his transition metal complexes. In his somewhat rare spare time, James enjoys spending quality time with friends and exploring his new home state, all while drinking hot chocolate in a desperate search for warmth.


E-mail: jwharris2@wisc.edu