Nathan Neff-Mallon


Nathan spent his formative years in rural Eastern Oregon studying formic travel patterns, adolescent social structures, and pre-firearm combat strategies. He found his love for chemistry at Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington where he did research with Dr. Mark Juhasz on functionalization of carboranes. At UW Madison, Nathan is combining his passion for coordination chemistry, spectroscopy, electronic/vibronic structure, and bioinorganic chemistry as a coadvised student with Thomas Brunold and is currently working with Erin and Jonathan to explore applications for T(R)SF spectroscopy on biological systems. Nathan joined the Wright and Brunold groups in the fall of 2012.

Nathan also loves playing frisbee, bike rideing, and going apple-picking with his daughter, Emma.




  • "Resonance IR: Multidimensional Spectroscopy for Bioinorganic Applications." UW-Madison Inorganic Chemistry Seminar, February 2016
  • "Microwave Assisted Palladium Catalized Couplings of Carboranes", Whitman Undergraduate Conference, April 2011
  • Poster, Murdoc
  • Poster, ACS
  • Poster, WUC

Awards and Funding

  • University Housing Honored Instructor Award (Fall 2012)
  • Merck Chemistry award for Outstanding Senior in Chemistry (2012)