Schuyler Kain

"Captain Multitask"
"The Mad Annotator"
"The Man with One Red Hat"
"The Pretzel Slave"
"An experimentalist... in theory"
Voted most Hamlet-like of the Wright Group in 2010
The embodiment of the urge to eat pretzels
Master of vacuum pump reversal techniques
Looks French to Eastern European spectroscopists
He's blue... always

    Skye joined the group in Fall 2007.  He has come to be known for asking questions at inaccessible levels of detail.  Taking this phenomenon as an indication of what his mind must usually be processing, it should be no surprise that he regularly requires multiple trips back to the office before he has acquired all of the supplies he needs for his lab or discussion section.
    He is clearly a bold and daring individual (see photo above... I think), as he has been known to tell undergraduates where his research office is.  This major compromise in security has led many to question which side of the campus he's on, but as yet no punitive measures have been taken.  His educational history, questionable as it may be, is shown below.   

University of California, Berkeley:
College of Chemistry, Bachelor of Science, Chemistry, ACS-certified, 2002
College of Letters and Science, Minor, Physics, 2002

Personal interests (again, potentially questionable), teaching materials, and other information can be found on his webspace at  The webmaster believes that this may be a technique for attempting to avoid webmaster meddling.  It may even work.